Custom Functions

Custom Functions

Use custom functions to customize your Speed Booster/Smart Adapter. Metabones App may present certain customizable options on the firmware upgrade screen. You may also plug in a Speed Booster or Smart Adapter with up-to-date firmware to view or change these customizable options using Metabones App.

Customizable options are not displayed if you are upgrading from a very old firmware version, or if you have pressed the jog lever downward while connecting the micro USB cable.

Set advanced mode on A7RII/A7SII/A6300/A6500 and Set advanced mode on other cameras

Please refer to the "Green and Advanced Mode" section.

Digital zoom in Advanced mode

DISABLED (default) - display focal length in Advanced mode whilst zooming. (You may need to ress DISP repeatedly.) ENABLED - digital zoom function of most Sony cameras may be used. Consult your camera's documentation. It is not possible to have both the focal length display and digital zoom at the same time. In Green mode, there is no focal length display but always digital zoom, regardless of this setting.

Choose between IBIS and OIS (or both) automatically (Canon EF-Mount only)

Please refer to the "In-body Image Stabilization (IBIS)" section.

Close aperture diaphragm when camera is turned off (Canon EF-Mount only)

A genuine E-mount lens closes its aperture to the smallest when the camera is powered off, which is also the default behaviour of adapted EF-mount lenses. Uncheck this option to leave the aperture where it is when power turns off.

Park focus when camera is turned off (Canon EF-Mount only)

Some lenses change length during focusing. If this option is set and the camera is turned off, the lens will park at infinity to shorten it for storage. This option is ignored by some lenses. However, STM lenses always take heed of this option because they require electricity to focus but cannot be retracted by turning the manual focus ring after power off.

Smoother AF for video recording (Canon EF-Mount only)

Disabled by default, this option may make focus transitions smoother and/or slightly reduce autofocus noise during movie capture. The effect is lens-dependent, with some lenses simply ignoring this setting. This option may or may not impact video AF performance. This option does not affect still photo AF.